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Jam Monster Ice Melon Colada E Juice Review

Melon Colada by Jam Monster is the perfect blend of tangy pineapple and ripe melon with the taste of coconut topped off with a refreshing menthol. Each inhale will make you feel like you’re escaping to the tropics!

This e-liquid has a 75 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 25 percent propylene glycol base that allows you to create enormous, fluffy vape clouds. You will also enjoy a solid throat hit thanks to the 75/25 VG/PG ratio.


When you inhale Jam Monster Ice Melon Colada e juice, you will be transported to a tropical beach as pineapple, coconut, melon and mint flavors take turns exciting your taste buds. This is the ultimate treat for those who crave mint-infused fruity flavors.

On the inhale, you will experience a tangy pineapple flavor that tickles your tongue as its sweet juice washes over your palate. Then, you will get a refreshing melon flavor that soaks your taste buds, and slowly, you will get sugary and creamy coconut flavor.

Upon exhaling, you will be welcomed with a cool menthol that refreshes your whole mouth and makes your taste buds tingle! This e liquid has a 75/25 VG/PG ratio, so it will allow you to create huge vape clouds and enjoy an incredible throat hit.


Inhale into a tropical blend of sweet melons, juicy pineapples and creamy coconut cream swirled with a refreshing cool menthol. It’s one of the freshest new flavors to hit the vaping scene.

The tangy pineapple flavour tickles your tongue while sweet juice washes over your palate and the refreshing melon flavor soaks the taste buds, balancing out this delicious fruity experience. Sugary n’ creamy coconut flavor adds even more tropical splendor to this satisfying vape juice, then the cool menthol kicks in.

This e-liquid from Jam Monster is one of the most popular flavors in their entire menthol collection. The satisfying fusion of tropical fruits, crisp melons and refreshing menthol make this one of the most sought-after fruity and minty vapes on the market.

Throat Hit

ICE Melon Colada, manufactured by the genius mixologists at Jam Monster, delivers an impressive fusion of tropical fruits, crisp melons and refreshing menthol. As you inhale, tangy pineapple flavor tickles the taste buds while a melon sensation soaks the throat for a satisfying taste of paradise.

The exhale delivers an icy cool blast of purse-minty freshness. It’s the ideal vape juice for those who enjoy mint-infused fruity flavors.

The 75/25 VG/PG ratio of Ice Monster – Melon Colada allows it to create enormously dense and fluffy clouds of vapor. Additionally, it is one of the best e-liquids for producing a solid throat hit. Available in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle, this is the perfect vape to stock up on for your next vaping adventure! To find out more about this great e-liquid and other top selling options, visit Wick And Wire Co. or order online for prompt delivery Australia wide! Don’t miss out on this delicious menthol e-juice, grab a bottle today.


Ice Monster Melon Colada by Jam Monster e-liquid is the deliciously tropical blend of ripened melon, infused with the island flavors of pineapple and coconut. This icy vape brings all of these tastes together with the addition of a refreshing cool menthol, for a flavor that’s bursting with juicy sweetness!

On the inhale of Jam Monster Ice Melon Colada e-liquid you’ll enjoy a sweet mix of fruity melon and pineapple, followed by creamy coconut cream. This unique and satisfying flavor combination is topped off with a blast of menthol for an overall effect that is unmatched in this category!

Designed by the creators at Monster Vape Labs, Ice Melon Colada is perfect for cloud chasers that need an extra boost in their daily dose of cool menthol-infused fruity flavors. It’s available in a large bottle at 75/25 VG/PG ratio, so you can easily create huge clouds of vape and get that perfect throat hit every time!