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A Private Chef in Surfside FL Can Make Your Event a Success

If you’re hosting a party, wedding, or other special event, a Private Chef in Surfside FL can help you make the event a success. You’ll have the pleasure of dining on exquisite dishes prepared by a professional chef. Humberto Guardiola is a Private Chef in Surfside FL with years of experience in the culinary world. He is a former Culinary Arts Professor at Le Cordon Bleu in Miami and has owned restaurants in Puerto Rico. With his diverse background in culinary arts, he can make a memorable meal for any occasion.

Humberto Guardiola

If you are planning an event and are looking for an experienced private chef in Surfside FL, look no further. Chef Humberto Guardiola is a culinary expert and can help you make any event a success. He is a former Culinary Arts Professor at Le Cordon Bleu in Miami and has owned and operated several restaurants in Puerto Rico.

Guardiola has worked as a chef in several high-end restaurants and hotels. He held the position of Executive Chef, developing menus for various outlets, standardizing operations, and training staff. He also serves as a Chef Instructor at the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach.

Take a Chef

The World Central Kitchen in Surfside, Florida is making fresh meals for first responders. The restaurant opened hours after a building collapsed, leaving four dead and 159 missing. As of Friday evening, search-and-rescue teams are still hopeful of finding survivors. The restaurant is offering a number of services, including catering and private chef services.

Epicure Market

Epicure Market is an established Surfside FL restaurant that features a weekly menu of more than 300 items, as well as takeout meals prepared fresh throughout the day. The restaurant is known for its high-quality service and fresh ingredients. The owner, Harry Thal, was mildly chastised by patron Ernestine Levinson, who has been a patron for 35 years, 10 days ago. Thal promised to make the problem right and has since refused to franchise or sell his store.

The Epicure Market Private Chef was first opened in 1945 by Eddie Thal and his brother Leonard. The first location was in Miami Beach and later spread across a city block on Alton Road. They began making family-friendly prepared foods and also began flying in specialty items from around the country. They eventually expanded their business to Miami Beach and Coral Gables. The Thal family had an idea for the business to sell high-quality, fresh food to those who would pay for it.

Thal’s restaurant

When Eddie Thal first opened his Surfside, FL restaurant, it was a humble 2,000 square feet. Now, he’s expanding to four times that size and incorporating a coffee and wine bar. Founded in 1945, this eatery sells prepared meals and imported specialty items from every state.

The restaurant’s popularity has grown with the community. In addition to the 300-item menu, it serves up takeout meals prepared fresh all day long. It’s known for its excellent service and food. But recently, patron Ernestine Levinson, who has been going to Thal’s for 35 years, took to Twitter to express her disappointment. She chastised Thal, but the owner promised to fix the problem. The eatery’s owners have been approached with offers to franchise, sell the business, or go public, but have so far rejected those offers.